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INDIE VISIBLE is a grassroots engagement, impact and distribution agency based in San Francisco. We work with filmmakers and distributors to design and execute successful hybrid release strategies. We help films engage their audience and make an impact by booking semi theatrical & educational screenings, developing meaningful partnerships and creating materials to support these efforts.

We respect greatly the power of stories, are committed to helping storytellers be sustainable and bring over 30 years of experience in film, non-profit partnership building and grassroots outreach to our work.


“InDIE Visible has done it all and they have an excellent sense of what, in the pantheon of distribution and outreach choices, is effective and what is not.

— Nancy Kelly, award winning filmmaker




We manage targeted or large scale community screenings and impact campaigns from start to finish. We identify and grow each film’s audience, manage partnerships, book events and speaking appearances, assist groups in hosting successful screenings and measure impact.



We will consult with you on all aspects of distribution: from creating a successful release strategy that fits your goals to a festival run, outreach & engagement campaign, partnership development, or optimization of your website and social media presence.



We create impactful campaign materials to support each project. From informative one-sheets to in-depth, beautifully designed viewer discussion guides, our materials help reach audiences and spark meaningful dialogue and community action.


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Matthew Chandler designs customized strategies for documentaries to find their core audience, develop meaningful partnerships, create impact and capture revenue through community screenings campaigns. With a dynamic background in educational outreach, film festivals and independent media, Matthew supports filmmakers in making their work impactful and sustainable. As distribution consultant, campaign director and strategist he has led several successful screenings campaigns for documentaries including A Fragile Trust , Love Thy Nature , States of Grace and Food Evolution

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Michelle Fawcett, Ph.D., has nearly thirty years of experience using media to educate and organize communities for social change. Mobilizing a background in film distribution, education, media justice organizing and event production, she has recently produced innovative community engagement campaigns for award-winning documentary films, including Inequality For All , Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes , Code Black, Love Thy Nature, Dream On  and Food Evolution.


Mariah Mickens is a film student from Los Angeles with a passion for independent media and distribution. After debuting a comedic short at a local film festival, she received her associate degree in Film Studies and is currently continuing her education to obtain a second degree in Film Production at The University of California Santa Cruz



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